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2025 Yamaha YFZ50: A Fun And Affordable ATV For Kids

2025 Yamaha YFZ50

The Yamaha YFZ50 is a mini quad for young riders between 6 and 9. This beginner-friendly ATV is engineered to be the perfect starting point for aspiring ATV riders, offering a low-maintenance 49cc engine that is tuned to deliver responsive and controllable performance.

The powertrain of the YFZ50 features a simple yet durable air-cooled design with a carburetor that is easy to maintain.

2025 Yamaha YFZ50

2025 Yamaha YFZ50
2025 Yamaha YFZ50

The transmission is an automatic CVT without reverse, making it ideal for young riders just starting to learn the ropes of ATV.

One of the key features of the YFZ50 is its ergonomics. It is designed for only one rider who weighs no more than 90 pounds, ensuring safety and comfort for the young rider.

The ATV also boasts an electric start, automatic transmission, and parental controls, making it perfect for six and up riders.

The 2023 Yamaha YFZ50 model was priced at $2,299 and was available in white. However, as we look forward to the 2025 model, we expect some improvements and possibly a slight increase in price due to inflation and technological advancements.

It’s important to note that purchasing an ATV like the Yamaha YFZ50 involves more than just the upfront cost. Potential buyers should also consider other fees such as title, registration, and tax. Personal circumstances such as employment status and credit history may also affect the final cost.

In conclusion, the Yamaha YFZ50 is a great investment for parents looking to introduce their children to ATV riding. Its user-friendly features and safety measures make it an ideal choice for young, aspiring ATV riders.

As we anticipate the release of the 2025 model, we can only expect Yamaha to build on these solid foundations, making the YFZ50 even better for our young riders.

2025 Yamaha YFZ50 Specs

Engine 49cc, air-cooled, 4-stroke, single-cylinder
Transmission CVT with reverse
Suspension Double A-arms with preload-adjustable shocks, 6.3 inches of travel front and rear
Brakes Single 190mm hydraulic disc brake front and rear
Tire size 18×7-8 front, 20×7-8 rear
Dry weight 176 pounds
Fuel capacity 2.0 gallons
Features * Electric start
* Hand guards
* Rear rack
* Front bumper

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