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2025 Honda FourTrax Recon: The Smart Choice for Work & Play

The 2025 Honda Recon: Still the Workhorse, Now with a Little More Kick

Honda’s FourTrax Recon has been the unsung hero of the ATV world for years now. Farmers love it, weekend trail riders swear by it, and even new folks find it the perfect machine to learn on.

It ain’t flashy, but you know that saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”? Well, that’s the Recon.

2025 Honda FourTrax Recon

2025 Honda FourTrax Recon
2025 Honda FourTrax Recon

Even a reliable workhorse deserves a little TLC now and then. That’s where the 2025 model comes in. Honda hasn’t gone crazy – it’s still the same old Recon at its core – but a few tweaks make a noticeable difference.


Let’s talk about that engine. Thankfully, the air-cooled 250cc single-cylinder is back. It’s got that old-school Honda reliability you can practically set your watch to. But here’s the kicker – they’ve bumped up the fuel injection system.

You won’t notice it on the spec sheet, but trust me, you feel it in the throttle. It’s a little snappier off the line and hits that mid-range power band a bit sweeter. Perfect for hauling a load of firewood or tackling a stubborn hill.

Comfort Matters

The changes continue. Honda has heard all those grumbles about the seat. I am still determining what magic they worked, but the 2025 Recon’s saddle is a genuine improvement.

It’s got more padding and slightly better support… it won’t make a ten-hour workday feel like a spa trip, but it sure beats that hard slab they used to put on there.

Little Things Add Up

A few other bits seem tweaked, too. The suspension feels smoother on the rough stuff, not jarring your fillings loose like the old days.

The tyres are a tad wider, giving you more grip in the mud. And bless Honda’s heart; they’ve finally added a cup holder! Out on a hot day, that’s huge.

Staying True to Its Roots

Now, before you get excited, this isn’t any radical redesign. You still get your choice of a traditional foot-shift gearbox or that push-button Electric Shift Program (ESP)—no fancy independent rear suspension or power steering.

The 2025 Recon is built on the idea that simple is good, especially when you’re out in the middle of nowhere and need something that won’t quit.

If you own an older Recon, this update won’t make you trade it out. But if you’re in the market for a no-nonsense, go-anywhere ATV, the 2025 Honda FourTrax Recon should still be at the top of your list. It’s better in all the right ways without losing sight of what made it a legend in the first place.


Reliable Engine: The Recon retains its proven air-cooled, 250cc OHV four-stroke engine. It’s known for reliability and delivers a nice balance of power and fuel efficiency. For 2025, the fuel injection system gets a boost, offering a crisper throttle response. 

Transmission Options: Choose between a traditional foot-shift transmission or Honda’s convenient Electric Shift Program (ESP) with push-button controls. 

Rugged Chassis: Built on a steel frame designed for durability, the Recon handles the challenges of both work and play. Its compact size and good ground clearance make it agile on trails.

Improved Comfort: The 2025 model addresses a common point of feedback – the seat! Honda has redesigned the seat with thicker padding and better support for long workdays or extended rides. 

Practical Features:

  • Front and rear cargo racks provide ample carrying capacity.
  • Easy electric start with backup recoil starter.
  • Handy reverse system.

Smooth Suspension:  The Recon’s suspension gets a tweak for 2025, resulting in a slightly softer ride, helping tame rough terrain.

Why the Honda Recon Remains Popular:

  • Reliability: Honda’s reliability is legendary, and the Recon exemplifies this characteristic.
  • Simplicity: Its no-nonsense design means less complexity and easier maintenance.
  • Affordability: The Recon offers excellent value for a dependable ATV.

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